Harbour Games

Harbour Games Logo

Harbour Games is the development team behind Terminus and future titles.  Harbour Games operates out the homes of the development team in the beautiful city of Vancouver which is in the province of British Columbia on the rainy west coast of Canada.

The Team

Ryan Czech – Designer

David Chisholm – Programmer

Christopher Orgeron – Composer

Dr. James Garry – Science Adviser / Sketch Artist

Debbie Kisiel – Concept Art


9 Responses to “Harbour Games”

  1. I hope your game works out. You may want to grammar-proof the website and the Kickstarter page though: it comes across as unprofessional.

  2. I love the idea of this style game. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  3. Matthew O Says:

    Did you guys abandon your Kickstarter?

    • No, we haven’t abandoned our Kickstarter, but it is difficult to drum up support. We’ve been working on some material for more update videos, but it’s been slow going due to the fact our team has day jobs, families and other considerations that take priority over any work on Terminus.

      • Matthew O Says:

        Good, I hope you guys find a way to get funded…if not this time, but next. It is a solid concept.

  4. Maybe they lost hope before it really ends

  5. Is this project still going or has it been canned? Looks promising.

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