Terminus is a real time construction strategy game for PC where the player is presented with the challenge of building a human colony on another planet, facing critical resource shortage and handling dangerous crises while being responsible for the only survivors of the human race.

Terminus is crowdfunding the costs of development via Kickstarter.  You can see our Kickstarter Project Here.

terminus small colony jpeg

terminus riot mockup


Terminus is presented in the form of classical construction games like Caesar and Simcity, blended with the scrabbling feeling of resource scarcity as felt in the more modern FTL – Faster Than Light.

Each buildin has vital statistics, treated almost like an RPG character

terminus small colony 4

The intent of Terminus is to bridge the steady and complex task of city planning with the anxiety and threat of sophisticated disasters to create a game that keeps the brain firing.

Colonists can overcrowd buildings to survive but it can be very demoralizing

The typical gameplay of Terminus will have the player making decisions about logistics and supplies, choosing a world to make the colonization attempt, spread out the initial colony and learn about the resource model and what their buildings can do, experience their first disaster and the struggle to contain it and read up on the practical and theoretical technology used in the game as presented by the in-game tech-tree.

Once the player comes to understand the structure of the game they can attempt to master it, growing their colony to the point that they can sustain a victory condition while dealing with the additional pressures that a colony of that size creates, with more surface area for disasters to occur and spread across, greater resource needs for power and food production and the crowding dissatisfaction of the colonists.

Charcoal sketch concept art

When the player is able to create the perfect colony on a survivable world, then the real challenge begins when they attempt to tackle difficult and dangerous planets with new environmental conditions and new gameplay challenges.


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  1. I love the concept of this game and i wish you could have made it on IndieGoGo but i feel it just have a big enough reach. You shouldn’t give up though and don’t scale back on the complexity either. I think you guys should stick at for a little while longer until you have some gameplay to show. Visualizations go along way to getting people enthusiastic about your game and about the idea.

    I think you should do your homework look at games that have made it and see how they presented theirs. Planetary Annihilation is a good example of presenting a game idea and pitch with out having anything set in stone. They presented a game visualization along with showing the potential backers how excited they where at making this game. Its these factors that get others excited.If you dont sound excited about it others wont be.

    Also i think once you have a killer video and something substantial to show (Think of it as going to a publisher with an idea the population can alot of the time be far far more critical any publisher out there) You should attempt another crowd fund this time on Kickstarter as it has a far bigger reach than IndieGoGo.

    I wish you guys luck and i hope you take some of these suggestions on board.

  2. good luck, I hope for you to be able to get funding somehow, the game concept is solid and I would be very interested in playing the game.

  3. I hope you guys try Kickstarter in September.


  4. I like the concept art and the gameplay. I hope you will be able to get the game exactly as you want it to be.

  5. i backed you on indiegogo and then kickstarter, and i am ready to do paypal or any other funding method, just let me know

  6. Have you ever read leviathan wakes. It is really good space colony fiction

  7. Reminds me of a game called Outpost 2: Divided Destiny. I hope the project does continue. A few questions related to the game design:

    1) How will resource collection work? (ie Mining ores, Smelting ingots, fabricating synthetic materials (ie plastic), acquiring water, creating food, etc…) Will there be direct control (ie Sending cargo trucks to retrieve ores from a mine and deliver it to a smelter, like that which is done in Outpost 2) given to the player for resource collection or will it be automatic (ie Any ore produced by mines is instantly converted into usable materials, like that which is done in most RTSs)

    2) Since you will have to deal with colonists, will you need to:
    -> Find them jobs to do (ie think Tropico or Outpost 2).
    -> Concern yourself with their overall morale [happy/angry] where good morale [happy] leads to positive outcomes and bad morale [angry] leads to negative outcomes?
    -> Have different roles that colonist’s play: ie Children, Workers, Scientists, Soldiers, etc, where each role is important and different from the others?
    -> Will you need to concern yourself with their basic essentials for life: Medical care, food, water, oxygen, clothing and shelter?

    3) Colony management related stuff:
    -> Can tubes be damaged by disasters? Can they be removed? Can you build buildings ontop of existing tubes?
    -> Can you bulldoze terrain so that you avoid a lot of steep cliffs?
    -> Will there be vehicles? Will they be controllable or go automatically to their assigned tasks?
    -> Can you pre-bulldoze a building site to make it build faster?
    -> Any plans on allowing you to place down a concrete pavement below a building to make it more structurally sound, at least as far as earthquakes are concerned?
    -> If there is a food shortage, water shortage or oxygen shortage, will colonists die gradually (ie initiate rationing procedures) or die very quickly?

    4) Combat:
    -> Will there be any form of combat in the game? Will it be a seperate human faction? Will it be aliens?
    -> Will it include air/land based combat? Will it include missile, orbital, or starship combat?
    -> If there is no plans for combat, why is that? A lot of RTSs do better when there is some kind of “end goal” to be reached, beyond simply survival.

    5) End game stuff:
    -> How would you define victory conditions for this game? Is it simply keeping a colony alive for a set period of time? Is it growing population to a set amount? Is it leaving the planet?
    -> Can you explore the rest of the planet, besides where you start off? One of my peeves with a lot of these colony-builder type games (ie Tropico, Sim City, and Outpost 2) is that you cannot explore any of the rest of the planet.
    -> Will the game end when you leave the planet or will you be able to continue playing perhaps on a new world or continue living on the current one?

    Probably have more stuff for questions laters. Cheers!

    ~ Palandus

    • EDIT: Just found your Indiegogo page :) No wonder why it reminds me of Outpost 2 (though I’ve never tried out Outpost 1, preferred the better colony management in 2 anyway so never tried it out)

      • EDIT2: One of the things I’ve been thinking about related to this game concept is a matter of how much overall control a player has to decide their own fate. What I mean is is to develop a game where your survival isn’t based solely on luck, rather than careful planning and strategy; introducing the concept of luck is good but a player needs to feel that their actions will have an effect on how well the do.

        One of the major problems with Outpost 2 was the problem of luck. A lot of careful planning and strategy fell apart very quickly because something went wrong outside of your control and now you are totally screwed and no matter what you do you are screwed regardless of whatever action you now take. For example, one of the most annoying problems to occur was when your Common smelter got hit by a random vortex, earthquake or large meteor and got destroyed before you could activate another storage facility. And then you watch as all your stored metals are lost forever and now have 0 Common Metals, but a healthy growing population, with no way of regaining metals or building a new Smelter. Alternatively, you could be playing the campaign and lose track of time and have to restart the mission because you don’t have enough time to finish mission objectives before the Blight destroys your colony. Sometimes the Blight comes early and other times comes late.

        I understand that disaster management seems to be a major facet for this game. How much control will the player have in preventing, controlling, quarantining and resolving disasters? Will disasters be a constant unending threat or will there be time between disasters so that they become less of everyday daily problems to less common, once in a while disasters?

        Also, I understand that you guys want to be able to fly to a planet of our choice at the start of the game. I read on Outpost 1, that that feature had a lot of problems, and sometimes you could fly to a planet that was completely inhospitable and be screwed right off the bat due to poor luck.

  8. Hmm after reading up a whole bunch of information scattered between this site, other sites, Kickstarter and Indiegogo (there really should be a centralized spot where all the info is to prevent awkward conversations such as the one above) I’ve answered the majority of my previous questions. Three big questions (that I didn’t really ask but I’ll ask now) are still outstanding:

    1) Beyond survival, what is the end game goals? It seems like you guys have well-fleshed out the short-term stuff (survival, limited resources, limited colonists, constant struggles) related to the game but haven’t really discussed much on the long-term end (ie what happens when you have an extremely large population, will there be space exploration, colonization of other planets where you control both planets still, etc…). Survival is a great for the short-term but when you have hundreds of thousands of resources and people, the question arises, what next?

    Although SPORE isn’t the best example, it did address the end-game quite well. It started off with pure survival, and then when you conquered your planet you’d go out into the stars and conquer new ones. Now I know you aren’t going for the whole live alien races, which is fine, but how will you be able to manage multiple colonies at once (if you can that is)? Will you be able to assign governors to control places (ie Alpha Centauri you could assign a governor to control all aspects of a city).

    2) Managing massive economies and populations. Initially you may start off with a small colony of say 100 people and keeping them alive may be quite the task. But happens when you have a colony of several thousand people? How will the game cope with that many people? Will there we be enough room on a planet to build enough shelter, food, air, water, etc (essential survival stuff) for the people to live in? Outpost 2 handled the short-term quite well with between 50-125 people. The problem arised when you had 300+ and had like 2-8 child births per minute with a greatly increasing population where you constantly didn’t have enough shelter, food production, medical, and recreation to handle the population boom. And then when you did have have of those, you couldn’t build buildings fast enough to deal with the unemployment issues. And then of course there was the issue of never having enough common/rare metal storage facilities. How will Terminus address those issues?

    3) Research in the end-game era. Most research is done to address survival concerns in colony management games. If space exploration is possible, will additional research be unlockable to address space exploration, multiple colonies, travel between stars, high-end scanners or communications relays, etc… I think you’ve addressed the usage of research well for the short-term to act as a way to address the concerns of survival, but at a certain point it isn’t about survival and more about progression and where to next?

    ~ Palandus

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